757-761-4417 info@mazenttech.com
757-761-4417 info@mazenttech.com
757-761-4417 info@mazenttech.com
757-761-4417 info@mazenttech.com

Mazent: Amazing Enterprise IT Solutions

Mazent Technology is a WOSB that provides Enterprise level data-driven solutions. We provide web development, software development, cyber security, IT infrasture, and IT modernization solutions for government and the private sector. Using predictive analytics, we design our solutions to meet both the current and future needs of our customers.

At Mazent Technology, we develop multi-faceted solutions to automate & streamline business processes, replace legacy systems, improve efficiency, reduce manual effort, and improve information security. All of our solutions are designed considering security first. We have all the necessary information security certifications(Security+, CISSP, CEH, HBSS Admin) and hire graduate-level Cyber Security professionals.

Data Solutions

Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, User Behavior Analytics

Software Development

Full stack software development using multiple tech stacks.

Cloud Development

DevOps & Cloud: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, AWS - S3, Restful services

IT Modernization

Mazent Technology offers full IT modernization and transformation services.

IT Infrastructure

Mazent Technology designs and implements IT infrastures to meet the needs of Federal, State, Local, and commerical clients. We aim to maximize ROI, up-time, & information security.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & Data Mining.

Cyber Security

We provide cyber security solutions. Most of our professionals have Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, CISSP, and/or HBSS Administrator certifications, and some have Masters Degrees in Information Security. Cyber security is our first consideration in everything we do.

Enterprise IT Solutions

Mazent Technology is leading the surge on delivering on today & tomorrow's IT solution's. We use the agile software development methodology and employ adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement workflows. Building software is an iterative process, and our developers know that project goals are moving targets that shift as customer needs evolve. Our cross-functional agile teams use iterative development cycles to respond to changing requirements and rapidly deliver fast, intuitive, and responsive software.

We provide full life-cycle data management consulting services. We help our clients capture data, integrate siloed data systems and analyze data to support decision making. We deliver data-driven solutions that address real world situations faced by the government & corporations every day. We overcome data quality challenges, convert legacy data into new formats and transform data into actionable information. We help to improve the quality of your data capture, and turn your data into useable information. We detect anomalies to help you better understand your data prior to initiating a significant data project.